Switch and Save

You could save thousands by switching your mortgage to a lender offering a lower interest rate. Our financial advisors can provide expert advice on the following and more:

  • How much you can save per month, per year and over the lifetime of the loan
  • How many years you can reduce your mortgage by while keeping your repayments the same
  • Can you grow your pension fund using savings made from switching mortgage lender
  • If you will have to pay a penalty if you switch your mortgage while still on a fixed rate with your current lender
  • Can I consolidate short-term loans into a new mortgage?
  • Can I release equity to carry out renovations or for another purpose (e.g. education fees)?

Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss the savings and options available to you.

You can also try our Mortgage Switch Calculator here

Switching Calculator


  • Will I need to pay stamp Duty to swich my mortgage?

    Stamp duty is only payable on the purchase of a property and does not apply when switching your mortgage to another lender.

  • Can I release equity in my home when switching my mortgage to complete renovations?

    Most lenders allow you to release equity for renovation work. Depending on the amount you wish to release, you may need to provide costings for the works.

  • Can I release equity in my home when switching my mortgage to clear personal loans?

    Some lenders will allow you to release equity to clear personal loans.